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Hier ein paar ausgewählte Texte der Gewinnerinnen und Gewinner des Schreibwettbewerbs Englisch

  1. Platz: Ode to the Orleander

(Patrick, Q11)

Outside it’s beautiful, it’s spring

so shouldn’t we all dance and sing

shouldn’t we all flourish, celebrate

in the streets and in the woods

before we meet our fate.

A world in which everyone is equal

even if this is only a sequel

to our life

we will prosper, thrive.

The snow has started to melt

slowly turning into a creek

all the anxiety you felt

come on now we will seek

to reach the highest peak.

The sun returned glaring,

encourages you to be daring,

but we’re retained by a belt, our duty

keeping us away from the beauty.

You know

they’re blooming on the meadow,

in all colours of the rainbow

this beauty can’t be matched,

yet it can still be patched.

Over all this lies a shadow

of how the world used to be

it remains in our fantasy

we can see the flowers

we could roam in them for hours

but our wings have been clipped

the tide has been flipped.

Honesty is hard to find

all these things will blow your mind

we got so much time

but none is left

we’re seeing the greatest theft

of humankind.

It’s not being persecuted

our microphones are muted

we are being streamlined.

Triggers are ignited,

we have no chance, not the slightest,

the fancy shoes, the games, the booze

the world is up in flames,

so, we’re trapping ourselves in a lie,

in a world where the flowers never die.

Jolly innocence


the pounds and pence

the bird on the fence.

We are torn





grey on green,

all hope is gone

starring on a screen.

We never get recognition,

we’re forced into believing,

it’s useless to have ambition

still we got the vision

to turn life into spring.

2. Platz: (Untitled)

(Svea, 9. Klasse)

Is it just me or does it feel tender,

after the snow and after December

the plants that finally start to grow

the green that finally starts to show

and all the tears she spilled in the gloom

now help the littler flowers to bloom

but how can you really tell that’s it’s spring?

You mean when all the birds start to sing?

Or is it the ice melting away

like our frozen hearts on a sunny day?

Oh how much I praised her, how hard I fell

for the endless smile she acted so well,

just like the flawless butterflies you see

which in the end are not really free.

But you can’t really tell until you really know

what kind of stuff they hide and show

‘cause that’s what I would say is spring

When we just show the life about which we would sing.

3. Platz: Cherry Blossom Tree

(Jule, 9. Klasse)

There’s an ocean of words showing me so many possibilities,

But now, I’m left in the pale reality.

The sudden silence makes me feel so weak,

imagination is no longer able to set me free.

Sentences get shorter, until I no longer speak.

Still, I’m not ready to let this emptiness break me.

Cherry blossom tree, help me discover a way to flee.

I feel like a slave of good old times, now fading memories.

The days are getting so colorless and blurry,

All track of time, all sense of grateful life is gone.

With the passing of days there only comes worry.

Again, I’m wide awake while dusk fades into dawn.

Sometimes it seems like even time itself is in a hurry.

Cherry blossom tree, be my safe haven during this flurry.

Sculpting the world will never be part of our abilities.

Everything turns to pulp in this paper town,

The world falls apart like a fragile construction.

Behind the mask humanness gradually bows down.

There will be a way out of these depths of destruction.

We need to work together without this remaining frown.

Cherry blossom tree, favor us with your precious petal gown.

Hope is keeping me alive, gifting me with new reveries.

Convince me everything is good tonight,

happiness is neither impossible nor a sin.

The days feel so holy in your enchanted light.

I come to life, feeling the sunlight tingling my skin.

The colours are slowly coming back, saturated and bright.

Cherry blossom tree, fulfill my heart with your delightful sight.

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